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Our Elders simply want peace and security. Are We Keeping that Promise to Them?




My mother asked me to promise that I would take care of her and not have her put away in a nursing home. I have been care taking for her through her Alzheimers for seven years. I also cared for an uncle for eight years. During this last nine years combined of caring, I learned that there are great shortcomings in our system as it concerns our elders. Furthermore, I learned that as the system is set up currently, we are facing increasing challenges that will grow dynamically in a short period of time. Keeping the Promise is a not for profit senior advocacy organization that is in place to provide the public with information that exposes the urgent problems we have, reveals the hero organizations in place that support seniors, advocates on behalf of seniors and points seniors and their care givers to resource providers, including programs and initiatives developed by our own organization.

My name is Joseph Robnett. I see that the care for elders is being pushed into the home. This is happening as governments work to shed the cost and responsibility of care because the sheer numbers of emergent seniors from the Baby Boomer generation is overwhelming the system. The ever expanding/exploding costs of healthcare are compounding the issue. The combination of unhealthy lifestyles with a care system that has improved in the delivery of drugs that prolong life further complicates the problems. May more people are living longer and living in conditions of sickness and the structure of the healthcare system cannot sustain this situation. Our politicians have simply played kick the can down the road and will until nothing can be done, but to move the care and cost of care into the home.

If this sounds bad, it is actually worse than it sounds. People are dying everyday and that number will multiply over time. People’s assets are drained, their life savings gone and unless we act quickly and decisively, the cart will go over the cliff. When that happens, families will be burdened in such a way that seniors will have few if any options for living with dignity as they age.

Keeping the Promise is here to sound the alarm and create the life we want and need for our parents, our grandparents and ourselves; for our futures.

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Keeping the Promise is fortunate to have a strong and determined Board of Directors. The Board is tasked with organizational governance and assisting with the guiding and funding the mission of senior support. The formal Mission of KTP is to provide support for seniors in the United States by delivering programs, tools and information in the areas of senior advocacy, training and information alerts that impact the well being of seniors. Our goal is to deliver the tools that enable seniors to live out their golden years in peace and with dignity.

Sam Douglas – USAF Ret. – Board Chair

Everett Johnson – Board Secretary

Isaac Darden – Board Treasurer

Joseph Robnett – Executive Director


Keeping the Promise is a Missouri 501c3 Corporation. We operate primarily through the generosity of your donations. You kindness supports our efforts to assist seniors and family care givers as they adjust to the ever changing times we live in. Please donate so that our seniors can live out their days with dignity.

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